Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Was It? Wednesday- Family Meal Table

This week starts off the first two chapters of The Family Meal Table study by Nancy Campbell. I am truly enjoying this study, and am learning a lot already. I would encourage you to purchase this study from the Above Rubies website and do the study as well. I am only going to touch upon a few key points every week, and there is so much more to get out of this study from the manual.

Chapter 1- Where Do Tables Originate?
The first chapter is called Where Do Tables Originate? Many verses in the bible tell stories about families or people conversing or having a meal around a table. God sees that table as a place for happiness, community, conversation, fellowship and yes, even worship.

Psalm 128:1-4 explains how blessed is a man who has children like olive plants all around his table.

As I said in the previous post about this study, Jesus often times would make a meal for someone, sit with them and talk to them about important truths. Jesus thought the table was important and so should we!!

Enjoy Your Meals
Often times, especially in the morning or at lunch, I find myself rushing to feed the children, then I end up shuffling my meal down while standing at the counter.

Firstly, this does not show my children that I care about them and want to spend quality time with them.
Secondly, it does not show my children the importance of fellowship in the morning or while we are together at lunch.

Nancy stresses the importance of enjoying our meals. One way to do this is to sit all together around the table as much as possible.

What does Your Meal Table Look Like?
In the study questions, Nancy asks, "If someone looked through the window of your home at mealtime, what kind of picture would they paint?"

This question really hit me because my mealtime is not a time that I am proud of. In fact, it is one of my most stressful times of the day and I am truly dedicated to changing that. Last week I said that I am going to try to have the family sit down at the table after I have the food out. I am also going to try to set the table before-hand too.

After a week, I have been about 50% successful. One reason for my lack of total success is that Brian has been working late every night. So I am having a meal with the two girls by myself. This has been a difficult transition and hopefully it is only temporary. Once we are back on schedule with all of us eating together as a family, things should be better.... right?

Chapter 2- The Table- A Place to Feed the Body

In this chapter, Nancy discusses how God wants us to renew our vision for the Family Meal Table. It is a feeding place where we nurture the physical bodies of our family as well as their souls and spirits.

I feel that this chapter is truly at the heart for me. I love cooking and making dinner for my family.

Nancy stresses the importance of making every meal count, which means feeding your family well balanced, healthy homemade meals.

We as mothers should be responsible with our husband's earnings and our family's income by using every penny for the nourishment of our bodies, not just feeding our families empty food that is super processed, not nutritional and actually toxic.

Nourish Your Family
As mothers, we are ultimately responsible for what goes into our family members' bodies. Try not to let your children be picky and dictate what you will serve them- ie- only eating Mac N Cheese every day for lunch is not a healthy choice.

Try to have your children sit at the table for every meal. Once in a while, you can mix things up a bit and have a picnic inside, or out on the porch or outdoors at a special location.

Finally, here are her 6 tips to remember when cooking your meals:

1. Make it simple.
2. Make it nutritious.
3. Make it tasty.
4. Make if full of aroma.
5. Make it attractive.
6. Make plenty.

She goes into a lot more detail for each one of these, but just those simple sentences are food for thought. Let's continue on this journey together to try to bring back the Family Meal Table in our country.


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