Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Try It! Tuesday- Housecleaning Schedule

Now I have to admit, I am the last person to want to schedule cleaning. I mean come on, that's right up there with scheduling root canals. I also have to admit that I have a weakness... ok many weaknesses, but you are only going to find out about one right now. I do not like to clean, and I hold off to the last minute to do so.

Let me give you some examples...
If people are coming over, then the guest bathroom gets a nice cleaning. Otherwise, I just sit and stare at it while giving a bath to my kids thinking to myself, "Gosh, I really should clean this place..its getting kind of gross", but never
really doing anything major until the next guest is going to come over.... people pleaser? I think so.

Another example is that I love to cook, but I get so frustrated that after I cook and we eat, there are a full double sink's worth of dishes, pots and pans waiting for me to dig into...don't tell anyone, but sometimes...I wait till the next morning to do them. Pathetic.

Ok, now that most of you are thinking that I am either really gross or my house is a mess, let me tell you what I am going to do about it. Schedule. Yup, I'm going to come up with a schedule that I can handle and hopefully stay on track on a weekly basis rather than getting totally out of control before guests come. (Guests do come quite often, so the house isn't that bad, but its the wrong way to go about cleaning my home.)

I decided to come up with a weekly schedule, and then have one extra thing that I will add in that should be done every so often. These things I will pick from a list that I have made:

Kitchen- Wipe down counters, do dishes, and sweep up floors

Dining Room- Wipe down table, and sweep up and spot clean underneath
Bedrooms- Make beds, pick up clothes and clutter
Toy Room- Pick up toys w/ help of little ones

Do Laundry- Fold and put away

Mondays:Bathrooms- Wipe down sink areas and clean toilets, wipe down mirrors

Tuesdays: Vacuum all areas- Kitchen, Living Room, Bedrooms, Toy Room and Bathrooms

Wednesdays: Bedrooms- Organize clothing and closets, clean sheets

Thursdays: Mop- Kitchen, Dining Room, all tile common areas and Bathrooms

Fridays: Extra Day- Choose from List of things- ie- clean windows, clean showers and baths, floor boards, dusting, clean out fridge, organize a closet, clean comforters, get rid of toys.

Saturday: Vacuum all areas again, and do general pick up of all rooms

Sunday: Rest- unless there is a project

List of Things to Be Done on Fridays:

Organize a Room

Toys- Clean out

Clutter Clean

Wipe down floor boards
Dust all table tops and pictures

Wipe down all blinds

Clean windows- Inside

Clean windows- Outside

Organize a closet

Clean showers and bathtubs

Organize Pantry

Organize Laundry Room
Organize Office Area

Set- Up Bills and Organize

Pull out fridge and stove- clean behind and under

Pull out washer and dryer- clean behind

So there you have my first draft of how I would like to accomplish having my house clean on a regular basis. I am sure this is going to need some tweaking. I would LOVE to hear how you all do it! Thanks!

Next, I will post about my cross over from mostly chemical cleaning to very Green-Cleaning....

Here are few links that I found that also give some sort of scheduling list:

Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Yearly and Yearly Schedule

Site that walks you through making your own schedule

How to Make a Green Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit

The Family Homestead- This woman knows what she's doing!

Here is a great poem that someone gave to me a little while ago...I am thinking about printing it out and framing it to remind me:

Thank God for dirty dishes
they have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry, we're eating very well.
With home, health, & happiness,
I shouldn't want to fuss:
By the stack of evidence,
God's been very good to us.

Join me tomorrow as I talk about the Family Meal Table for How Was It Wednesdays!

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