Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- Week of January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am so happy because it is cooler than 60 degrees here in Florida which is unheard of at this time of year... but a great excuse for making winter meals.

Here is our items for our produce share this week:

Broccoli Crowns



Red Leaf Lettuce

Cremini Mushrooms

Red Slicing Tomatoes

Green Pepper

Sweet Potatoes


Red Onions

Golden Delicious Apples

Haas Avocados

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Kent Mangoes

Bartlett Pears


Here is the Menu Plan for this week:

Breakfasts: Oatmeal( Slow Cooker), Eggs & Toast, Pancakes

Lunches: Leftovers, Mac N Cheese,
Chicken Salad Sandwiches, PB&J, Easy Snack Wraps

Snacks: Apple Squares, Muesli Bars, Hummus & Veggies, Fruit


Monday: Beef Stew with Bread and Broccoli

Tuesday: Pork Tenderloin- served with salad and Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday: Split Pea Soup (-Never made from last week)

Thursday: Garlic Broiled Chicken Thighs w/ Salad and Broccoli and Rice( SOO YUMMY)- BCS Football Game!

Friday: Spicy Mango Sweet Potato Chicken over rice

Saturday: Chicken and Dumpling Soup (uses Mushrooms)

Sunday: Moussaka Cottage Pie

Have a great week!


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  1. Produce share? Lots of goodies!

    I'm excited to browse through your recipes. Always looking for good ones!