Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creative Blogs I've Found....

I posted a little about the creative blogs I found two weeks ago, but I wanted to share a little more with you. There are so many creative ideas out there that DON'T cost a lot of money..

Have fun Exploring!

Living With Lindsay- this is one of my favorite...she is amazing.

Obsessively Stitching- I love that she features an older quilt in many of her posts. If you like sewing, she is your gal!

This same gal features another blog called
Dollar Store Crafts.
you can only imagine what that blog is about!

If you like clean cut great designs for stationary, or even crafts,
Blond Designs Blog is for you!

More sewing and such...
The Idea Room

Scrapbooking isn't totally my thing right now, but boy can this gal be inventive!
Ali Edwards

our best of my FAVORITE cooking blogs...that takes creativity!

Make It and Love It- a collection of Great Ideas... I put the link to one of my favorits involves sewing

and of course you HAVE to love Heather Bailey....her fabrics, colors and tutorials are DIVINE!!!

Get Your Craft On! Such a creative mom...I wish she lived at my house.

Someday Crafts- Maybe I'll do some of them someday....

That's so cuegly...I think her name says it all :)

Well, I think that's enough for now... maybe I'll make this a regular post what do you think?

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