Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday- Week of October 26, 2009

This week will be a little hectic since I have my parents in town and it is Halloween.
I am making most of these meals easy and "tentative" since
I don't know what will be planned for each day.

Here is what we will be receiving tomorrow from the organic produce buying club:

Green Beans
Yellow Cauliflower
Green Onions
Nante Carrots with Tops
Russet Potatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Cremini Mushrooms
Fuji Apples
Granny Smith Apples
Bartlett Pears

Fruit Share: Star Fruit, Seckle Pears, and Green Kiwis!

I also found a great blog that has many great recipe blogs...feel free to roam around!

My Finds Online: Recipes

I also found a great Slow Cooker Blog- A Year of Slow Cooking-There are two recipes below from this blog!

Here is the menu plan for the week:

Breakfasts: Breakfast Burritos, Pancakes (my recipe below) w/ the leftover Maple & Carrot Cupcake Icing spread in thin layer...mmmm kind of like a cheese blintz, Oatmeal, Eggs and Toast

Lunch: Curried Chicken Salad, BLT's, Chicken Noodle Soup( So easy with the store bought chicken)

Snacks: Smoothies made with Kefir, Fruit, Playgroup Granola Bars ( Make sure to pack it down and cook long enough)


Monday: Cauliflower- sauteed in EVOO, Butter w/ Garlic and S&P yummy, Carrots, Rice and Chicken Bowl- Used up veggies....

Tuesday: Turkey Burgers, Honey Roasted Red Potatoes and Broccoli

Wednesday: Spaghetti w/ Zucchini, Meatballs and Garlic Bread

Thursday: Cranberry Pork Roast- Slow Cooker & spinach bars

Friday: Pizza- Bought from Pizza Place..I know..cheating!

Saturday- HALLOWEEN- I chose to make: Sloppy Goblins w/ Mashed Potato Ghosts- Didn't like their recipe, but you just form the ghosts using freezer paper cutouts and place your mashers in the shape of the ghosts and use black olives for eyes. and Witches Fingers- My own take! -Steam Carrots Cut in Half and place a slivered almond at the end! We'll see if it works :

Don't forget to look HERE for your spooky or Halloween theme recipes for dinner!

Leave me a comment if you are going to try something!

Sunday: Apricot Chicken- Slow Cooker

I apologize for the look of this post...I had a lot of trouble with my computer and had to switch to the MAC which was making everything crazy...



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