Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday- Week of October 19, 2009

Fall is here is Florida...and I LOVE it! Makes me want to make some nice comfort food this week! Here is my menu plan for this week:

Breakfast: Eggs/Toast, Whole Wheat and Quinoa Pancakes (New Recipe), Oatmeal

Lunch: Leftovers, Chicken Salad and Quesadillas....same ol' same ol'


Monday- Chili w/ Homemade Cornbread

Tuesday- Vegetable Chicken Soup - with secret ingredient of Peanut Butter!! Great if there's any sick ones in your family!

Wednesday- Indian Vegetable Bhaji- (Vegetarian)

Thursday- Mongolian Beef served over Rice w/ Salad

Friday- Porcupines w/ Roasted Red Potatoes

Saturday- Chicken Angelina served with salad

Sunday- Football Sunday- Different Kinds of Pizzas (Dough Recipe)- Black Bean and Spinach Pizza, Chicken Pesto Pizza, Our usual of Pineapple, Onion and Pepper too!
Get some more ideas Here

Desserts- Maple Carrot Cupcakes ( Let's Get Some Fall Spirit in our house!!),
Berry Cobbler ( Made this last night delicious- should be w/ all that butter though :)

I'm gonna really get into this..haven't decided what to cook yet,
but they all are so creative !
Wanna try to make a Halloween meal with me? Le me know what you will make.
Leave me a comment to tell me what you have come up with!


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