Saturday, September 19, 2009

Football Season is here!! Hubby get's crafty!!

This past summer, we went to a friends house in North Carolina, and they were playing the game "Corn Hole". I know, what a wierd name, but its really just bean bags thrown towards a wooden box that has a hole in it. The name originated from the midwest where the bags were made with corn inside.

So this year, to celebrate the football season, we decided to make our own "Football themed" cornhole game!

Here is how we did it:

My hubby made the board w/ our little helper Lily:

When the board was finished, it looked like this:

Can You Tell Who We Route For???? GOOOOOO GIANTS :)

I'll show you how I made the bean bags since that could be fun for children too....

1. I cut two pieces of fabric to 71/2 " squares.

2. I placed the right sides together, and sewed a 1/2" seam on all four sides, but leaving about 3" on one side to fill the bag.

3. Turn bag right sides out.
4. Fill the bags with exactly 1 lb...of Navy Beans:

5. Hand sew the final 3" of the bag, or just fake it like I did and run the filled bag through the sewing machine with the smallest seam you can make.

6. Results? One great bean bag...I mean corn bag :)


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