Friday, September 4, 2009

Organic Frugal Food Budget

Recently, I went to Maine for a family reunion. One of my cousins was asking me how I could buy almost all organic, and not break the bank. I told her that almost every month, I can buy all of our food for $400.

Here's the breakdown of my budget:

$100 meat- Organic Meat- 6 lbs for $24, Ground Turkey(Not organic)- 4.5 lbs- $21, Organic Chicken Thighs- 2 pckgs- $45 = $90

$118 organic fruits and veggies from buying club - Always $118 per month
$100 staples- flour, butter, milk etc. - This varies, but I usually am right up there.

$100 - anything else I need for the month

My total is approx- $418 per month give or take a few dollars and depending on whether or not I need to buy diapers or large quantities of paper towels or toilet paper.

I am going to try to keep track of all the specifics I buy this month on this blog. And give you a running tally through out the month so you can see how close I am to my budget.

We have a lot of meat left over from last month when I was away, so that purchase will probably not take place until closer to the end of the month..

Here is what I have bought so far:

Produce: $59- All Organic- Good for 2 weeks

Eggs: 4 dozen @ $3.50 - All Organic- $14
Milk 2 Gal- $3.65 ea. - $7.30- Organic Whole We try to buy Organic Valley brand and not Horizon b/c of their animal practices:

Extra: Cold Cuts- Special for hubby's birthday lunch- 1 lb- $8.09

Bread: Whole Foods- Whole Wheat Crunch- $3.50- ( Not Organic)

Please note: There are some things that I buy that are not Organic, but are all Natural with no preservatives. I will specify if that is the case.

Total: $91.89 for week so far!

Some ways that I accomplish this goal is to buy as much as I can in the bulk section or at bulk stores like Costco. I try to buy everything all natural w/out preservatives or processing. If I want cookies, I make'em myself. This takes more time, but definitely saves it's more healthy!!

Let's see where these posts take us!
I'd love to hear your budget if you buy all or mostly Organic, and what you do or want to do to lower it!


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