Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update on Organic Grocery Budget....

I kept all of my receipts from this past week, and here they are...it's going to be close!!!

Salsa- All Natural
- $3.99 for Lily's B-day Party
Organic Milk- $3.50
Water Refills- $2.32= 8 Gal
Lemons- Not Organic- for party to make lemonade- 9 ea.- $3.87
Pasta-All Natural- $2.09
Pasta- All Natural- $ 2.09
Shredded Mozzarella Or
ganic- $3.89
Organic Canned Pineapples- $2.79
Cucumbers- Not Organic- They didn't have them- $ 1.50
Limes- Not Organic-
$ 1.00
Jalapeno Pepper- $ .04
Organic Bananas- $ 2.28
Lemon Pepper Chicken- another Cheat...bad :( $ 7.39
Bulk Organic Cous Cous
- $ 1.82
Pasta- All Natural- $ 1.19
Rudy's Organic Wraps- $ 4.99
Organic Kefir- $ 4.29
Organic Pasta Sauce- $ 2.99
Organic Unbleached White Flour- $ 5.49
Bulk Organic Carrots- $ 1.43
Organic Bananas- $ 2.85
Organic Frozen Peas- $ 2.39
Organic Celery Bunch- $ 1.99
Organic Zucchini- $ 2.50
Grass Fed Flank Steak- $ 13.43
Grass Fed Skirt Steak- $ 13.79
Water Refill- 2.32- 8 Gallons

Less Bag Refund- -.30

Total= $97.92 + Tax= $104.28

That brings my grand total to.......
$421.28......I failed!! Ahhhhh.

I looked back at my purchases, and my largest purchases were when I was feeling lazy and bough pre-cooked chicken....that was about $15.00 worth of my money. And the last thing I did was buy the expensive grass fed beef, which totaled about $26.00. Those items right there put me over. I don't normally purchase those items, and it is now easy for me to see how when I don't stick to my plan, I can easily go over. We're not too far off, I am going to have to buy some more chicken from Costco before the end of the month.

Does it count that there were 5 weeks in the month? Didn't think so.... maybe I'll try this again next month.

Do you have a grocery budget? Do you stick to it? Do you include your paper goods and baby goods too?


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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog when I googled organic and budget and frugal. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. We are trying to incorporate more organic foods into our budget, using coupons, discovering more frugal, self sufficient living. (difficult to do, btw). I'm sure I'll have more questions for you, but for now...does the $/month include toiletries, cleaning, etc? Or is it just food?

  2. I saw that you commented at the Cultures for Health starter giveaway at Passionate Homemaking. I’m hosting the same one, just through tomorrow night (9/24). You can enter here: http://www.kitchenstewardship.com/2009/09/16/giveaway-cultures-for-health-starter-cultures/
    Good luck!
    Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

  3. @Hurrayic:
    I try to keep my toiletries included, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way if one month I completely run out of everything. But for the most part, that includes toiletries. As for cleaning products. I recently switched over to only vinegar and homemade cleaning products which significantly cuts costs as well. I looked at your blog, and I love all of the books you have for reading recommendations. I would also recommend taking out from the library :
    Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallion. Her book should be a staple for anyone trying to move their life to eating more healthy!
    Also, we have truly saved a ton of money by joining a CSA which is a community supported agriculture group. We get our produce and veggies for about 70% of the cost of retail at a store like Whole Foods.
    You can find one near you by visiting:
    Thanks for looking at my blog! Kristen