Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Wreath Tutorial- Using Clip Art

Advent Wreath Tutorial

You will need:

Contact Paper- Clear
Mini Clothespins 24 ct.
Small Wire Wreath

Christmas Clip Art of Your Choice- My PDF here
24 Activities typed up to fit on back of clip art- MY PDF here

I first went on my Microsoft Word and typed in all the "Christmas-y" words I know in the clip-art search. I then adjusted them to the appropriate size.

Print out pictures and cut to desired sizes.

Lay out pictures with approx 4 cm between them so you have room to leave a small edge of contact paper around each picture.
Place all pictures face-up and lay contact paper on top making sure to avoid bubbles. It should look like this... with the back still sticky.
Print and cut out your Daily Activities and/or Verses see bottom PDF if you want mine for ideas. Place cut out activities face-up on back of pictures.
Place contact paper over the tops of activity cutouts and press firmly to eliminate bubbles. The front should look like this:
Cut out each picture and place in circle on wreath starting with Day 1 at top.

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  1. What a cute idea!!! I'll check yours out too! :)

  2. What an inventive idea. Thanks for sharing. I wanted to mention a free preschool DVD that my brother's company is hosting for his upcoming Slug and Ant show. Come & see.