Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The dirty on Shredded Cheese....(Store Bought of Course)

So I must admit, I buy used to buy already Shredded Cheese... for convenience.  
But, now I don't and I'll tell you why:
Two words, Wood Pulp... that's right, Wood Pulp....
Pretty right? 
I'm not so sure.

I guess if I wanted my own shredded cheese to taste like store bought, I could just have my husband gather up some saw dust and sprinkle into my cheese bag.....yech. 

You won't see 'Wood Pulp' on the ingredients list....it will be called Cellulose. Sounds harmless right? Who doesn't need a little cellulose on their salad. Um, not me when it is coming from wood! 

I've never been one to question authority, like the government or the FDA....
until I started questioning authority
and becoming educated on what my family and myself were really eating.

So my newest plea to you? Buy blocks of cheese...why?
2 Reasons, in the words of this awesome article on this very subject:

  1.  Its cheaper
  2. You can take Wood Pulp off of your list of things you and your family are ingesting.
It's a Win, Win! 
Unfortunately, even Organic Brands like Organic Valley are using this product...
so READ LABELS if you just cannot give up buying Pre-Shredded Cheese.

Happy Shredding,

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  1. Get outta here!!! I had NO idea. So I got right up off my chair and opened the fridge and checked my shredded cheese that I just bought today: "cellulose (to prevent caking)". WHAT? All this time, I had no idea.

    Thank you, I'm officially buying blocks of cheese and shredding it myself.

    Smile and Mama With Me

  2. Thank you for this post! I recently quit buying store-bought shredded because I knew that it just couldn't be good. I just started looking into the harms of it and came upon your site...I must share! Thank you :)