Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Tradition...

There are many things that I see other moms doing and think,
"Gosh, if only I had the time, sanity and patience
to do would be awesome!" 
But alas, with three kids 4 and under, 
I hardly have time to think about doing those things.

I was sitting in my MOPS group  when an older mentor mom
told us how every year at her child's birthday,
she would write them a letter in a birthday card that praised them, 
gave them memories and encouraged them. 
She would tell them each their positive unique attributes
and incorporate it into a loving birthday card.  
She would then keep these cards and when they moved out of the house, 
she gave them all to each of her children.

I thought, once a year??? per child???? 
That's 3 times a year, I think I can handle that... so this year, 
I am starting a new tradition, to write a 'hand-written' heart-felt letter 
to each of my children on their birthdays.
And this post will hopefully hold me accountable...

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