Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How was It? Wednesday

Last night, I made a Indian Dahl with Spinach and it was great! We would have like it with a little more kick and flavor, so next time I will add about 3/4 teaspoon of everything instead of what they called for which was only a 1/4 t. I served it with brown rice and Naan. I ended up putting a little too much water in it, but over-all it was a great Vegetarian dish... I forgot to take a picture, so this is one from the all recipes website. I would definitely recommend that you follow the link and try this if you are looking for great meal at a low cost. Don't be afraid of the Garam Masala either. I would definitely recommend putting this in your spice collection. It adds tremendous flavor without having to add all the separate spices. I'm going to post about this on Friday.

Also, I made a
BEET chocolate cake....yup, a BEET chocolate cake. I had some leftover beets from the veggie co-op, so I boiled them, pureed them, and added them to my cake. That too was amazing. It tasted very earthy, but I like that flavor with chocolate. There was not a lot of chocolate in the cake either (so little, in fact, that I was convinced that the cake would come out tan instead of dark brown...I was wrong) Would definitely recommend that you make this cake if you want a healthier alternative to pure chocolate. I also used Sucanat instead of brown sugar and the recipe came out fine. To make it a little more moist, I added about 3/4 T. of maple sugar too.
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