Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have made a discovery!!

It's not very often that I discover something that just make me go crazy ( in a good way)! Well, this happened today... yup, as plain as day, I discovered something... well, 3 different things actually.

First, I want to give you the recipe that started my discovery:

Simple Kale Soup
8 cups Chicken Stock, or 4 c. Chicken Stock/4 c. Water- depending on how frugal you are!

1 bunch Kale, washed, trimmed stems and cut into small pieces

1 lb cooked Ham cut into cubes

3 medium potatoes, cut into chunks

4 cloves of garlic-minced

Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Boil stock.
2. Add Kale, Ham, Potatoes and Garlic.
3. Simmer on Medium-Low for about an hour to let flavors blend.

That's it! That was the recipe that started it all.

I'll tell you how it went down.

Last night, I was trying to think of how I could feed my 1 year old this soup because I thought it was really healthy for her.... hence first discovery.... the IMMERSION BLENDER!!! Granted, some of you may not have one, but a regular blender would work just as well, but with a little more cleanup. I have been buying jarred soups for babies, and I can now blend my soups, meat and all and she can eat them right along with us!!! YayWe ate the soup in the photo above, and she ate the goop in the photo below!!

Ok, now onto my discovery #2!! Bread sticks w/ Cheese!

I was making my daughter a grilled provolone cheese sandwich, and thought to myself....hmm, that sounds really good with the Kale Soup we had last night!! But instead of making a whole sandwich for myself, and stuffing my face, I just cut all the crusts off of her sandwich ( which she doesn't eat anyway) and used them as dipping sticks for my soup!! The cheese was already in them! Doesn't get any better than that!! And I was just using up what my daughter would have wasted!!

Ok, 3rd discovery, which is kind of an add on to number 2 is..... ADD PROVOLONE CHEESE TO THE SOUP RECIPE!!! If you are going to make this recipe, I would recommend making it as if it were a French Onion Soup. ( I haven't tried this yet, but don't fret, the next time I get Kale, this is the first thing I'm cookin!

After making the soup as described above, I would put individual servings into ramekins,add crusty made croutons w/ garlic flavor to the top of the soup, and then top the entire ramekin with a big slice of provolone cheese. I would place this in the oven under the broiler, or whatever you have the oven on, just enough to melt the cheese... pure heaven.

Well, there you have it! Who knew Kale soup would be so inspirational!!


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