Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Try It! Tuesday... Soap Nuts for Laundry Cleaner!

Well, I am hoping to win this in a giveaway over at Passionate Homemaking (which by the way, is one of my favorite blogs!!) , and if I do I will definitely try it then. I think I can purchase these at our natural food store. Otherwise I will be getting a sample online if I don't win.
Thought I would tell you a little more about them:

They are the only true Natural Laundry Detergent...meaning, NOTHING has been done to them. You can pop them in your laundry right off the tree!! Amazing...skeptical? Maybe a little bit, but the more I hear about them, the more great comments they get that the silly things work! Who's in to try them?

I guess you can also make soap nut liquid detergent yourself as well. This is changing them from their total natural state, but still better than almost anything else out there.

Head on over the Passionate Homemaking and try to win a free sample yourself!! Let's try them together!

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