Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"The Pillow" is Finally done..along with some new ideas!

So I finally finished my version of THIS Tutorial

and here is the finished project... I'll let you look first, then I'll tell you my issues :)

I really enjoyed this project, in fact it allowed me to use my own imagination...and come up with some of my own ideas...I know, who knew I even had them!

Firstly, I would recommend using the pillow form like she does in the tutorial. I used pillow stuffing and the pillow came out very lumpy (see evidence above)

Secondly, all of my edges are fraying on my appliques. I am not sure if this is the way its supposed to look or not, can't decide. Next time I might try the zig-zag stitch to cover the edges.

Now for my ideas in which pictures are to come
when I get around to actually making them:

To coincide with the topic of Weather on my Other Blog,
I thought it would be great to make weather pillows for Lily's bed. One side would have a sun, and the other would have clouds with rain etc....what do you think? They would be really small pillows, probably about 8-12" or so.
I also did some pretty cool stuff with Lily this week for this topic
if you are interested in Kiddy Crafts!

I am also wanting to see where I can go with the tree thing...
I think I want to try palm trees since we are down here in Florida.
I was also thinking of just doing a long grass pillow for my long scrap pieces.
I also want to do a Christmas Tree Pillow that's in the shape of a Christmas tree.

So I'm going pillow crazy, but at least I can pass out on
my work if I pass out from Brain Exhaustion :)

I also found out that there really is life after 30...yup, I'm there.


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