Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Try It! Tuesday

I just came from my MOPS group today, and we had an amazing speaker on Nutrition. She spoke about things that are very near and dear to my heart, keeping families healthy through nutrition. I just wanted to tell you about something that I have just signed up for, and you can do it in your area as well.

I have joined a local co-op for produce. This was one of my goals I had set for myself for the year, and it looks like I am finally going to be able to accomplish it. The Co-op I am joining is called the Organic Produce Buying Club of South Florida and they offer bi-monthly pick-ups of produce for $49 a pick-up. I have spoken with a few women who are extremely happy with the quality and freshness of the produce, so I am going to give it a try. I have to pay $98+$20 on the first pick-up because you have to pay ahead for the next delivery, as well as the $20 for the produce bags that you swap back and forth to fill up each time.

So for $118, I can have my very own plethera of local, organic, healthy fruits and vegetables that I know come from a reputable source and I am supporting locally....TRY IT!

Below are some websites that you can use to navigate and find a local co-op or farm in your area to use:

Local Harvest

Co-op Directory Service

Farm Fresh

I would love to know if some of you are already doing this and what your local experience is, or if you are ready to take this opportunity and Try It!

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  1. So glad you found a co op. We do the same thing but it is called CSA (community supported agriculture) We totally love it. I feel so good supporting a local farm and so good about the yummy fruits and veggies we eat. It is also a fun challnege to figure out new and fun recipes to make with all the goodness.

  2. I guess this is a buying club, which means that not all of the veggies and fruit will be coming locally, but as many as they can get will. I am hoping there will be a CSA in my area soon. The closest one is an hour away, and I think that's a little too far. Thanks for recommending that website to me a while back!

  3. You should post a pic of your produce every time you pick it up. I'd love to see what you are getting!