Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can You Say Schedule?

OK, so its been a long time coming in my house to do a daily/weekly schedule and I thought I would share it! I am going to type up a small schedule on the computer, and then let my 2 year old help me color in the larger schedule that will be posted in the kitchen. I have a few places that I need to be during the week and I am going to include those here as what we will call outings...meaning we will be leaving the house.Here is a little of what I am thinking: MONDAY-FRIDAY Schedule:

7am- Wake Up
7:30am- Have Breakfast
8:00am- Clean Up Breakfast, Make beds
8:15am- Get dressed, Start laundry, Quick Clean-up
8:30am- Pack up diaper bag, make up snacks, pull out items to defrost or soak for dinner
A8:45-11:00am- OUTING (This is either library, food shopping, park, or stroller power)
B8:45-11:00am- INNING (This is when we spend the day tidying up the house, or project)
11:15-11:30am- Unpack car/ groceries/clean out car
11:30am- Start to prepare lunch
12:00pm- Lunch
12:30pm- Prepare for naps- Nurse Baby, Put Down, Read Books to DD1-Nap
1:00-2:30pm- Nap/Quiet Time for Kids - Clean up from Lunch/ Start prep for dinner Devotionals for Mommy/Quiet Time
2:30-4:00pm- PLAY TIME with Kids!
4:00pm- Inside- PLAY while mommy prepares dinner
5:00pm- Dinner
5:45pm- Clean-up/ DH takes kids out to play
6:30pm- Bath Time or Family Time- Play, Family Worship or Bible Time
7:30pm- Prep for Bed
8:00pm- Bed Time for DD1

Well, there you have it! Kind of annoyingly obsessive, but this is pretty much the schedule that I have in my head every day. There will be variables throughout the day obviously, but if we can attempt to stick to this schedule as much as possible, the days run smoothly.

I'll post a picture of the hand written schedule next posting!

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