Friday, April 24, 2009

Why HOME is sooo good.

These past two weeks have been so crazy for our family. Two sick girls last week, and now L is sick again with a high fever! I realized that I was dragging these poor kids around all over the place and it probably wasn't helping them. So yesterday, I decided I was going to declare "Thyme at Home" for REAL! I skipped my Stroller Power class, and went for a stroll around the block with my girls. I skipped story time at the Library, and had a story time with my girls in our own rocking chair; L even got to read her favorite story. By the end of the day, I got more cleaning done, the kids were fairly calm and in good moods and I felt refreshed. Sometimes I think "staying at home" is so underrated. Hope I don't sound too old fashioned, but I thought it might be nice to emphasize the importance of making your home a place you want to be as well as where your children want to be. I am currently in the process of trying to create a welcoming "Pre-School" type atmosphere for my 2.5 year old that is also kid friendly to the baby who is crawling and touching everything. Home-schooling is not for everyone, but I am definitely headed in that direction and I thought Pre-School time at our house is a good way to test the waters. If any of you are interested in possibly home-schooling, or just even furthering your young children's learning skills at home, here are some great resource tools and books. I am finding that the Montessori approach is so creative and insightful for the little ones to really use their brains in new ways. Blogs:
Chasing Cheerios- One woman's journey to home-school/unschool her toddler. She gives great ideas for activities and posts all the time

TOTally TOTS- Anything and everything toddlers!

My Montessori Journey- A blog about Montessori teachings

What Do We Do All Day?- A blog about moms and kids at home....great easy activities
List of Best Montessori Blogs by AP- Haven't looked at all the sites, but there are so many creative things you can find with just a little searching....time to pull our the crafty teacher in me!

Montessori for Everyone- She has her own store, and also free downloads for learning cards to work with your children.

Montessori World- This site is amazing, and tells you step by step how to do things... love it!

Hope you all are inspired to take control of your childrens learning, your home and what is BEST for you and your family...God Bless y'all!

(Here, L was learning about patterning, which is one step to learning how to read...whew, we're one step closer!)

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