Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Try It! Tuesday

Since this week is a kitchen cabinet week, I thought I would share a little tip with you. This tip is great if you have an item in your refrigerator that you want to use up, or a spice you have never used, or just want something different.

Its at allrecipes.com, and its their ingredient search. The site itself is amazing in finding great recipes, but if you dig a little deeper in their site, you can find their search page by ingredients. This is great for picky eaters too because it also has an "ingredients I don't want" section too. My husband, Brian doesn't like cheese-(I know, ridiculous, but nevertheless, we deal with it) so I always type in cheese on the items I don't want list.

If I have a lot of chicken, I will type that in the ingredient search, without cheese of course, and find some pretty great recipes with chicken.

I have also used it for spices- for example- I had garam masala and wanted to try it. I typed it in the ingredient search, and many new recipes came up....that's how I found the great Vegetable Masala recipe that I use.

So there's my thing to Try on Tuesday!!

Hope you like it!
Here's a direct link to the ingredients page:

Ingredients Search on Allrecipes.com

Otherwise, you can just click on the word ingredients at the top of the homepage for allrecipes.com

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