Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I subscribe to a bunch of great blogs for stay at home moms and receive many of the through my email. This morning, my children miraculously are still in bed.... and I got to sip my tea and read OPB's (Other People's Blogs)which I love to do! I thought I would attach some of their blogs on mine, as to not repeat such great information. I am attending my MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers)
group today and we are having a speaker on being "Green". If I learn anything new from her, I'll put a post up this afternoon. I love that the bottom line is:

"Being frugal does not have to mean giving up being green"- In fact, now that we are on a budget, eating healthier and being more aware of what we consume, we are more earth friendly than ever before!

Enjoy these links!

Life As Mom- Frugal Ways to Go Green

The Happy Housewife- Keep the Kids Busy without Television

Passionate Homemaking- Considering God's Creation

Have a great Earth Day!

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  1. hey kristen!
    you had posted a while back that you were going to try to not buy packaged snacks. Just wondering how that is going and what kind of snacks you are giving clare. Stella has some allergies and packaged snaks for her just don't work. So I am having a hard time finding 'on the go' snacks. Avacado, peach, etc are really messy for fingerfood right now out. Would love to hear how you are going about it.

  2. Hey Alison,
    Claire is still mostly nursed, so snacks aren't even really a thing for us yet for her. I would tell you Lily's snacks, but they are too old. I found a great website that gives a lot of allergen free recipes for things like teething biscuits etc.
    Haven't tried them yet, but we love the idea of having her chew on things that take a long time to finish! I also have one of those net type things that you put slices of apple or pear in and let them chew...but that is still pretty messy. is a great resource for a lot of baby food questions...I bet you could find some other great recipes. Thank goodness the messy food thing doesn't last too long...oh wait, what about toddlers and spaghetti...

    Hope that helps...sorry I couldn't be more useful

  3. thanks kristen. That website is great. thanks for the suggestion!