Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the Absence of...Music

I am convinced that in a perfect world, there would be the perfect music playing all the time. We all love to watch movies (I take that back, most women love to) that have an amazing song to soar you through the scene and take you to just the emotion and memory to let you relate to the characters.

In this sense, I feel that playing music in my home helps to create the emotions and setting I am looking for...peace, comfort, joy....

Today was a day where I needed to remove the emotions and feelings I was having (ie-exhaustion, frustration, headachetion-yeah, I made it up:) and replace them with the above setting.... When I remember, I pull up a website called Pandora and type in whatever type of music I would like to listen to, a favorite band, or even a song I want to hear. The website then creates a station they think would appeal to your listening interests....its amazing. Over time, you can rate whether or not you like certain songs and eventually create a bunch of different stations to fit your mood.

In our house, we listen to bands like Robbie Seay Band, Hillsong, David Crowder, Sara Groves, Brooke Fraser, we play Classical music, or one day I typed in Raffi (you know, the old 80s child advocate?) and was so pleasantly surprised, its one of my favorite stations.

My oldest daughter loves the "pretty music" which is classical, or romantic period music. She really loves the sound of violins which is great!

Over all, I think its important to create a home that not just you, but your children want to be in. This is one way I "attempt" to accomplish that and create



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