Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally, the Poopy Party Pictures!

A lot of you were wanting to see how the poopy party went...well, in my opinion, it couldn't have gone any better. First off, Lily made out like a bandit.....many guests actually brought poopy party presents!!Lily received amazing boa type socks and a flower headband. She even got a build-a-bear gift card which we just used last night to get a teddy bear. Lily aptly named this teddy bear "potty bear", with no help from the parents, she just remembered that she got the gift card for her poopy party...awesome.

Anyway, Lily's favorite gift wasn't really a gift at all. My cousins were in Florida vacationing and happened to stop by for the party. They brought with them their miniature doberman pinture named "Jazzy". I couldn't tell who was walking who, but Lily and Jazzy hung out for hours. Not only was Jazzy the proper size for Lily to luv on, but Jazzy was also wearing a princess outfit, which I'm sure Lily was a little jealous of....

The night ended up with a dance party... couples dancing. Lily with G-Bob, S with Claire and cousin JJ with Jazzy..... for me, this is classic memories in the home:)

Now the only problem is to convince Lily to go on the potty again....maybe this isn't the best potty training tip....but it was fun while it lasted!
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