Thursday, April 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...on Thursday

I know, this is getting pathetic, but I promise to be back on track next week. We had family in town, four services of worship at church for Easter Weekend, and 2 sick children. There, am I off the hook? Anyway, I am just now getting to the shopping for the week, which prompts me to do the menu planning. So, here it is:

Thursday: Turkey Spaghetti w/ zuchini
Friday: Vegetable Masala w/ Rice
Saturday: Shepard's Pie
Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie

Ok, this week was tough. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my weekly list thinking, "What on earth should I make?" This is the first month that I haven't taken the time at the beginning to fill out the monthly meal plan. I really like doing this because it helps me prepare for the weekly meals in advance. I don't always have to use every single meal that I put down on the exact day I write it in, but it helps me to gather my thoughts and realize that I do have a lot of options to make dinner. I have also been contemplating making some more actual meals for lunches since we are going through a lot of our meals completely. More to come on the weekly lunch planning too!

Here are some topics that I am interested in posting about in the upcoming weeks:
1. Bread Making
2. Lunch Meal Planning
3. Soaking grains
4. Toddler Enrichment Activities
5. Library Books- see blog of
6. Organization Techniques
7. How do YOU do it? A special series on seeing how others do things compared to our family and possibly learning a thing or two! This is probably going to be a weekly meme ( blog hosting)
8. Budget Life- Yup, Budget is Life for us.... we have one if we do it, we lose everything if we don't !


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