Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Strange tip for Potty Training...

My two year old has been avoiding the infamous #2 on the potty for about 4 months now. She tells me, "No mommy, I'm not ready," or "Put a diaper on me, I have to go poopy." I kept thinking I was going to have this situation forever. Well, about a month ago, I promised Lily that she would get to have a poopy party with chocolate cake if she went #2 on the potty. Wouldn't you know, a month later, the minute she goes, she says, " Can I have my birthday now?" Which to me meant, can I have cake now? I couldn't believe that information I had given her had stuck in her little brain. She was probably dreaming of that chocolate cake from the minute I mentioned it, just waiting till her little bottom and mind was ready to go on the potty.
Needless to say, I am taking advantage of the occasion to throw a party. Yup, I'm throwing a poopy party. Here is the invitation:

I am getting a lot of interest in the upcoming party tomorrow. If you want to bribe your child to go potty, which I am finding a lot of mommy's end up doing so, then perhaps a poopy party is just the ticket! More to come after the party! Also may come in handy as a bribery tool when she's older:)

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