Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stay at Home...and Pray

Sometimes one of the best things about being a SAHM, is that you have the ability to pray whenever, wherever and however you like. Today was a day where much prayer was needed, and still is if you'd like to join in.

A wonderful family in our church is going through a terrible time. The husband and father has just been flown to Boston for more surgery, after he's already been through surgery at least 4 times that I know of. He has a loving wife and a 5 year old son. The husband had his spleen removed two weeks ago, and is now having some sort of liver failure as well as possible kidney issues. The hospital has had him in a sedated coma and his body is not even closed from the previous surgery to see if they can keep the fluids down.
Please pray for this family, for peace, for healing and most of all, pray for this family to have their daddy back. In God's Will...

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